Mindful Meals: Cook With Me! (#MMK Day 11)

For today's #MindfulMayKids activity, I'm inviting you to cook with me to make a mindful meal 🥗🥘What exactly is a mindful meal? A mindful meal is one in which you've used all your sensesto pick foods that both taste good, and are good for you. Another important part of mindful eating is to note your reactions to these foods (what you like🤩,what you wouldn't eat again🤢, etc.) with no judgement.

Cooking together is a great activity that's fun for the whole family. After meal planning, finding recipes, picking out ingredients, prepping, cooking, setting the table, and cleaning up when you're done...you're looking at potential hours of hands-on quality time together.

After finding this tasty looking recipe for zucchini fritters, I've decided to try to make them for the first time! Swipe to find out what else I made and how I liked it.

What are your favorite questions to ask your family during meals? Let me know in the comments below! ⬇️

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