Mindful Art: Mandala (#MMK Day 18)

Mindful Art: What is a mandala? In their most basic form, mandalas are circles contained within a square and arranged into sections that are all organized around a single, central point. I thought of this activity after revisiting some pictures from my trip to Massachusetts this past fall, where I went to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. There was an amazing exhibit where artist Sneha Shrestha invited children to process their thoughts and feelings through art with the goal of finding "inner peace through reflection, meditation, and the contemplation of selected artworks at the MFA." They created their own mandalas based on different pieces throughout the museum! 

Where you can draw inspiration from?

You can watch the students creating their mandalas HERE. I've also included a picture of me working on my own mandala - digitally! Below you can find some free coloring pages to get started!

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