Intro to Mantras (#MMK Day 4)

Updated: May 6, 2020

For Day 4 of #MindfulMayKids let's talk mantras! Find out below what a mantra is, what types of mantras there are, how to develop a personal mantra, and how to incorporate mantras into a mindfulness practice.

Here are a few of my favorites:

For my smallest yogis- "Let it go!" (This is an obvious favorite, and very easily understood by even my smallest yogis!)

For my elementary and middle schoolers - "I am..." (Very simple, but allows for creativity and individuality. Kind, smart, strong, etc. are all great examples!)

For my 12+ students - "I learn best at my own pace." (This is when we can really get personal! Allow for big ideas here, as students should know themselves well enough to create a more meaningful 'personal' mantra)

Caregivers and fellow teachers, I hope you find this introduction helpful with your little ones (or yourself!) Let me know what your personal mantras are (or your favorite mantras to use in class) below!

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