How do you combat virtual fatigue?

Even though a majority of my working time the past ~11 months has been spent virtually, I’ve only recently become conscious of how greatly my screen time has increased compared to last year. The most mindful way I’ve started interacting with technology includes being intentional with my screen view.

As a student - adjusting how I view my Zoom meetings or lessons has allowed me to minimize external distractions and take a pressure off how I look in the camera. You can easily change the self, speaker, and gallery view on both Zoom and Google Classroom.

As a teacher - I’m constantly trying to introduce new activities, while keeping the same class format. My students have done their best when they know “what” we’re about to do, but not “how.” For example, they know we doing a breathing activity as our warm up, but I’m always changing the theme and keeping things topical.

Speaking of teaching - for the month of February I’ll be offering $10 private trial yoga or meditation sessions 🧘🏻‍♀️Whatever your age or experience level reach out to schedule your 40 minute session!

The next group classes will be held with Asphalt Green for their February Mini Break Camps. Hoping that we can continue in person instruction in 2021 boy staying safe and remaining mindful 💖 WEAR A MASK 😷

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