Guided Imagery Meditation: Remembering a Day at the Beach

💫Guided Imagery Meditation: Day at the Beach (All Ages)💫

A beach meditation just in time for fall! Doesn’t really make sense for most of us given the temperature outside, but some of my favorite meditations to lead are guided imagery stories with my younger students.

I find that by “guiding us” to places most students have been (and can attach a happy memory to!), they’re more likely to want to “go” there (AKA sit in still, calm bodies with our voices off). During our trip to the beach we’ll relax and find reassurance, nourishing our self regulation and expanding social emotional learning. I hope you and the young people in your life you share this with enjoy🏝

Looking for more? Please visit my website (link in bio) for previously posted guided meditations, mantras, and other mindfulness exercises 🍊

Are you interested in private or small group virtual, outdoor, or in-home yoga and meditation? Send me a DM and we can schedule a Zoom or in person session for whenever works for you and your circle 💻 🏡

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