Example Preschool Yoga Lesson Plan (25-30 minutes)

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Check In

How are you feeling today?

  • Thumbs up/thumbs down, make a face to describe your emotion, use a word to describe how you feel.

  • Based on that, we can “Get our sillies out,” if feeling excited/hyper, do some wood chops/lumberjacks if mad, etc.

  • Warm ups: make circles, shake it out, reach for toes/knees/elbows/shoulders/head

  • Set the tone for the rest of the class

Tune In:

Standing up on our mats "No matter the size (big arms towards the sky or small yogi squat, tiny stay squat or tall arms back towards to sky) come one yogi one finger up come all hands around the room! No matter how loud they can roar or quiet they can sing, even the tiniest small face yogi can do great things!"

Tic Toc Yoga Clock: Place your hands out to the side and begin rocking side to side as you sing “Tic-Toc Tic-Toc I’m a little Yogi clock, Tic-Toc Tic-Toc when I find my center Stop!”

  • Reinforcement for children to ground and find their center

Zipper Exercise: Remind students that when we practice yoga it is important to sit up tall with a long and healthy spine. Imagine there is an imaginary zipper in the front/back/sides of each person’s body. Before beginning class, each child should “zip up” their zipper to make sure we’re sitting tall and alert.

  • Reinforcement to find a strong and tall body

Prop option: Yoga Barbie“Happy flower, sad flower”

Breathing Exercises:

Blowing the Feather/Pom Poms: Blow on your hands to feel the air and your breath. Now put a feather/pom pom in your hand and blow on it. See how far you can blow the feather/pom pom.

Reinforcement of breath control, good for students with asthma or hyperventilation/over simulated breath problems

Prop needed: feathers/pom poms 

Put a feather on your hand

On your hand it will go

Take a deep breath through your nose (breathe in and blow the feather)

Then you blow, blow, blow, blow

Snake Breathing:Begin laying on your belly, as we come into cobra pose inhale deeply filling up our entire body. At the top of our cobra pose, pause and breathe out slowly making a “hissing” sound for as long as you can. Repeat this breath two to five times.

Warm Up:

Mini Sun Salutation: Run through once or twice.

Begin in MOUSE child’s pose on our mats, then move into SEAL clapping hands up and down “Daddy Seal,” “Mommy Seal,” “Baby seal,” CAT/COW meowing and mooing, PONY lift leg, shake from knee “neigh”, PLANK make your body into a straight line and lower to the floor, SNAKE “hiss” and wiggle like a snake, MOUSE


Pick your theme, then choose five or so poses. I have examples of different themes you can find on my other blog posts!


Metatarsal Mania (Toega): Scatter pom poms throughout the room, then pick them up using your toes and collect them back on their mat. Make it harder and have them use a bucket/bowl. Then set a timer- how many in 30 seconds? 1 minute?

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