A Monthly Digital Detox

Before quarantine hit, I was never that concerned over my screen time. I made sure to listen to music or download a podcast for the subway to ensure I wouldn't fall victim to the mindless commute scroll. I tried to keep my phone in my bag when seeing friends or at work, not to avoid taking calls or answering texts, but instead to resist the powerful urge to "check," my screen. In the past few days I have noticed myself begin to reach for my phone only to realize I was already on it - so distracted by my own distractions.

Something had to change, so I've decided to take the 24 hours a month not to look at my phone once - it's time for a reset!

I took my "digital detox" on Wednesday, July 8th. While I didn't make it the whole day, my limitations did make a difference in my productivity. I found it so worth it, and I invite you to do the same!

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