As an educator and school administrator, I am always looking for different ways to bring wellness into the lives of the students I see every day. Over the past few years, I gradually began incorporating mindfulness techniques I had picked up on in my own practice into the classrooms I was working in. 


The benefits of incorporating breath work and grounding practices into a day with my students were undeniable. I was then encouraged to pursue an official children's yoga certification, and have since completed two trainings with Yogi Beans and Yoga Ed to certify me as a Trauma Informed Children's Yoga Educator. Since then, I’ve combined creative sequencing, a dose of mindfulness, and tons of fun to deliver the best children’s yoga classes I can! 


With both a traditional background in education and years of childcare experience, I’ve worked in a variety of environments with kids but my favorite role is on the mat. 


Tel: 845-521-2030

Email: balancewithbrenna@gmail.com

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