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Monthly Meditation 

June 2020

No Strings Attached Guided Meditation

Today I’m sharing another one of my favorite practices with you, the "No Strings Attached" Guided Meditation.  We're going to cut our stressful ties and find our calm bodies. Please join me for less than five minutes of kid-friendly, beginner level mindfulness!  

I highly recommend listening to this guided meditation as a way to wind down, whether it be from a stressful morning or just before bed. 

Why Kids Yoga?

Since I received my Yogi Beans Certification in 2019, I’ve combined creative sequencing, a dose of mindfulness, and tons of fun to deliver the best children’s yoga classes I can to students throughout NYC. Mindful movement provides an outlet to reduce stress and anxiety, while improving flexibility, posture, and breath work. Not only are the physical benefits of yoga undeniable, the mental and emotional aspects of yoga cannot be found in most other children's activities.

In our society's current climate, students feel pressured. Pressure to do well in school, to perform well in sports, to fit in. There is absolutely no pressure in yoga. Nobody is worried about missing a goal, losing a game, or not being the best on the team. 

Instead of encouraging competition, through mindful movement and SEL I help yogis focus on themselves inside and out. With both a traditional classroom background and years of childcare experience, I’ve worked in a variety of environments with kids but my most rewarding role is on the mat. 


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